Sahad Iqbal

I'm a


Current MSc Clinical Pharmacology Student

I am determined, driven and motivated person who looks to do his utmost best with whatever I find an interest in. Currently training and developing my scientific and clinical science skills. Looking to enter into the field of Biomedical Science research specialising in the discipline of pharmacology.


My Core Skills Base is built from my scientific background and soft skills from my education and past work experience opportunities

Time Keeping
Team Work



Msc Medicinal & Biological Chemistry

2019 - 2021

The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Bsc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences

2015 - 2019

The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Bsc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences

2009 - 2015

St Thomas of Aquin's RC High School, Edinburgh, Scotland

Highers: Maths: B, Biology: A, Chemistry: B, Information systems: A, Computing: B, Business Management: C, Physics: C

Intermediate 2: Spanish: A, Biology: A

Standard Grade Credit: Maths: 2, English: 2, Chemistry: 1, Physics: 2, Business Management: 2, Drama: 2

Professional Experience

Student Caller at the University of Edinburgh

2016 - Present
    Employed by the university as a student caller, my roles are to call university alumni to update their details on the university database and inform them of the important developments taking place at the university. In addition to this, we ask them to support and fund the various scholarship funds e.g. Research and Community impact grants and make them aware of the importance to do so. Working here has developed my interpersonal skills and being part of a large multidisciplinary team has allowed me to gain perspectives and insights into various industries and careers both through contacting alumni and my fellow colleagues. Organization and punctuality have been incredibly important within this job due to the various tasks that must be completed each week to prepare for the shifts. Being welcoming and friendly to my colleagues has allowed me to build strong networks and maximize my productivity and potential within this adapting job.

Open day Student Helper

2016 - Present
    Assisting the general public and prospective students at the various open days held throughout the year. The job requires to uphold the university’s values to a high standard and represent the university to prospective students, while providing them with authentic personal experiences and student advice to help inform there own decisions about university and course choice. The job requires working within in groups of teams to carry out tasks whether that be administrative or logistical such as moving merchandise and equipment to different venues all the way organizing queues of people for open day talks for respective courses.

Student Library Helper

2016 - 2019
    The job involved directing and signposting all new and returning students towards card collection services. Assisting students in setting up their university accounts, using printing services, Internet access and how to find reading material and resources in the library. Conduct guided tours about the library’s services, facilities and general overall layout. Also providing general support and customer service to all returning and new library users.

Undergraduate Research Intern at Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

Jul 2018 - Sep 2018
    Working on adhesion networks in gliobastoma cancer specifically involving the focus on regulation and role of the adhesion-linked 'nodal' tyrosine kinases e.g. ILK and their extensive network of interacting partners.

Summer Research Student

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016
    Carrying out a research project for a course run by the university of Edinburgh known as SLICCS (student lead Individually created courses) on the journey of a patient from diagnosis all the way to post recovery at the department of clinical neurology. This involved viewing many live spinal and neural operations inside the surgical theatre aswell as many other medical procedures and protocols in place for patient diagnosis and treatment. In addition to this i was also given the opportunity to understand more about how a healthcare environment functions and within this how a department such as clinical neurology runs as part of my research project.


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